Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys on Tinder

A Tinder user created a fake profile posing as a dangerous, disrespectful and insulting criminal. It goes without saying that the crazy success he faces on the dating app is worrying for the safety of the users.

Social networks sometimes reserve beautiful surprises, and sometimes less beautiful! If Tinder is an application to make more famous on smartphone, the female search is not however that we believed! A user has performed a test by creating a false profile. The man, very charming in his photos, describes himself as a criminal who has been in jail for raping a 6 year old child and beating his ex-girlfriend. He wants to be vulgar and detestable to those who send him. So, do you think he’s successful?

Women, more attracted to bad boys on Tinder

Against all odds, the young bad boy meets a huge success after his admirers. The dangerousness of which it is part and the behavior which it adopts with these last do not make them flee, quite the contrary. Some want to talk to him, meet him. Others defend himself when he explains the crimes he has committed.

The user who initiated this test indicates that, for him, this behavior can have two explanations: either the women are not aware of the danger they run by revealing themselves to such a profile, or it is exactly the profile they are looking for. And this is the second hypothesis that seems to prevail, so many requests for contact.

Pay attention to your security on the Internet

This experience is reminiscent of the need to be very careful on the Internet. Fake profiles are indeed a very developed practice: to see without being seen, to spy without risking anything. People on the internet can therefore potentially be wrong until you actually meet them. But here again, it is advisable to be careful, the meeting must be carried out in a place which is relatively secure: a public place or a coffee are the ideal to get to know each other.

So, while some Tinder profiles are funny enough to pick up, there are others that are more disturbing. This is particularly the case of Chad, the dangerous criminal who has a huge success with his admirers.

Tinder pushes users to have more contacts

After setting up the super-like a few years ago, Tinder site continues to push users to receive many contacts. With TinderPlus, you can sweep around the world by programming your location, control your profile (display of age, distance), return to your last sweep in case of error, and even become a top profile with Tinder Boost . All chances are therefore put on your side to meet, in return for a paid subscription that will cost you a few euros per month.

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