How to watch TOP Dog IPTV on your device

TV on PC: how to watch TV on your computer? Nowadays, more and more people watch television on computer because it is for them a way of simplifying the life. In this article, we explain how to enjoy TV on PC and which operators can offer you this possibility. The easiest and quickest way to access TV programs on your computer is to go directly to the streaming streams offered by the different channels on their website. Indeed, most of the main television channels offer to watch or review their program live or in replay.

The most famous channels have their own replay sites like MyTF1 for the TF1 group channels or 6Play for those of the M6 ​​group. However, this system shows limits since it is only available on DTT channels (excluding channel +).

Applications for watching TV on PC

There are both Windows (PC) or OS (Mac) applications for watching television on a computer. For computers running Windows, you can download the Captvty program for free, which gives access to the main French TV channels. On Mac, you can install the Apple Watch TV app, available on the App Store for € 4.99 / month.

These two systems have the same characteristics and provide you with the main French channels. The only notable distinction between Captvty and Watch TV is that the former is free, while the latter is paid.

Top Dog IPTV (, accessible on PC and MAC, also presents a new way of watching TV on PC with a service accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This platform works with a Freemium subscription system offering 34 free channels accessible throughout France. However, to have a wider selection of programs and use it on several screens simultaneously, Molotov offers 2 types of Premium subscriptions: Top Dog Plus at 3.99 € / month and Top Dog Extended at 9.99 € / month .

To take advantage of Top Dog IPTV, you need to download it from their website, install it on your computer, create an account or log in directly if you already have one and start watching your channels.

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