Best Backpage alternatives to post adult personals online

Casual dating sites are not all equal to each other. What you need to know in this industry is that some are really relevant because you can find the quantity and quality while others are real waste of time. Refer to my ranking chart on the top three adult personals sites. And do not forget to read my reviews on the best local sites.

Be careful not to be ripped off!

Indeed, some of these adult dating sites are composed of fake accounts that are there only for the sole purpose of making you consume divergent products to the real reason why you are on the website. UNFORTUNATELY I CAN NOT TELL YOU WHO ARE VERY BAD. These FALSE FRAUDULENT MEETING SITES threaten to sue all those who give their opinions in order to censor them.

Are there fake profiles?

There are 1001 reasons why there are so many fake profiles on casual dating sites.

One of them is that when a person falls into a couple, she abandons her account.

Some of these fake profiles are escorts looking for new clients.

Others are simply Nigerian crooks who want you to steal as much money as possible. NEVER SEND MONEY WITH WESTERN UNION to a stranger on the web.

And others are fake sites that want to make you spend unnecessarily because they do not have real women register. Yes, these scammers use this technique to make the French believe that their sites are already busy. Sooner or later, they reach a point of flexion where adult personals sites converge to a quality website or diverge to a website of really bad quality. It’s double balanced.

Here, I give you a service and I avoid this problem once and for all. I save you from spending hundreds of Euros unnecessarily and I catapult you straight to the point. Kiss!

There are so many adult dating sites on the net with beautiful naughty women, it is difficult to navigate. Some members have tried for 6 months several sites adult personals and here is our verdict on some of them.


BedPage ( is the top dating site for posting adult personals. Indeed, it is extremely popular especially with the libertine clientele of France. The site offers a wide variety of individuals of great qualities and well positioned in life in general. Some users strongly recommend this website because it works and is well run in France. Try it!


This website is our number. His name is very similar to BackPage ( and this is not a coincidence. He is the little sister of BedPage. Some users have enjoyed their experience on this site. Although the population of the site is slightly smaller than on BedPage, the population of BackPage is much more libertine and sexual. There is a very hot side to this website which is not found on the website of his big sister. Yes, we want it!


DoubleList ( is our number 3. As the name suggests, this is a website mostly devoted to casual dating with women cougars. Some users liked this site because the response rate was still quite interesting and rather high. Their great strength once again is that the site is well established in France which increases the number of potential meeting with mature women in your area. This is an affirmative YES for this site.

We are very open to know your stories of these sites and to know your opinion. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us more. We will publish the best stories on our site to fuel criticism on dating sites in France.

All of us are quite satisfied with the experiences on these sites and others not mentioned here. The amount of hookups has been quite high for most regions in France. We have a collaborator who tried it in Germany and despite everything successful to conclude although the site was not specially designed for this clientele.

What is important to know is that BedPage, BackPage and DoubleList are free to try. However, some users tried the site over a period of 6 months and took a paid subscription to take advantage of all the possibilities of the website. Thus, our top 3 has been designed with all the options available from each of the websites that we highly recommend for you to enjoy a maximum customer experience. Indeed, it is much easier to communicate and meet women as well while using their super search algorithm.

The search becomes much more precise and personalized. The algorithm possibly includes your kind of girl and you propose girls who correspond more to your criteria of acceptances.

Some of you, we have written for mentioned that the ratio of girls from one region to another varies. Yes, we agree with this statement especially with BackPage. However, some users have been successful in concluding more times than on many other tested websites. Also, the clientele varies over time, but a good solid base of people remains in the long term on the website and adopts it as a lifestyle. Thus, we believe that this top 3 is of a higher quality and will allow you to hookup a greater number of times than the average of the other web sites.

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