The Best Video Streaming Apps for your Smartphone

Today, a mobile is no longer just for calling. With your Smartphone, you can listen to music, surf the web, take pictures and even watch videos in transport!

But now, if you can watch all the best chat videos directly from your phone’s browser thanks to youtube, you will not necessarily find the latest episode of The Walking Dead. But how can I do so to enjoy movies and series of the moment?

To vary the pleasures and watch something other than Continue Reading →

Best Apps to Watch Movies for Free on Android

Do you like watching movies? Here are the best movie apps to download free movies on Android and watch movies for free.

To watch movies on your Android smartphone or tablet on the go, you must first store movies or stream movies through different services. In the case of video file storage, because of the large size of the movies, we must first convert them to a supported format and reduce the size to be able to store multiple movies on the device. But it is not such a simple task; The procedure takes a lot of time. Continue Reading →

Cinema of the future: What is the future of cinema?

Since a moment, we are entitled to digital cinemas with a perfect image and sound dolby-surround extra effects of madness what … Ok … Good … In addition to that, we talk about more than 3D is often criticized because of the wearing of glasses and headaches it causes …

So the question is: what will soon revolutionize the movie theaters? When will the novelties make us want to leave our sofas at night and on weekends? Here are 3 ideas and, the most amazing is that the cheapest of 3 has already taken a step ahead! Continue Reading →